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Maximum reach through simplicity.

"SchoolPulse’s brilliance is in its simplicity, and maximum reach."
-Justin Keate, High School Principal

We all know that prevention works and can greatly decrease the number of future problems. SchoolPulse is a universal early-prevention tool. It reaches students at all 3-tiers of prevention and provides awareness, evidence-based nudging, and professional intervention that creates connection, provides safety, and encourages resilience.

Our experience with schools and counselors, reveals that most are incredibly busy, and already burdened with the natural demands of their positions. As a result, schools are often reactive to unfortunate circumstances. SchoolPulse is here to help!

SchoolPulse is able to intervene anonymously and confidentially with every student. Students who are reporting negative symptoms, or communicating directly to our SchoolPulse counselors, are able to brainstorm potential solutions, in addition to being connected to local resources that can assist further.

In this regard, SchoolPulse is fiscally brilliant! We have the potential to reach the students univerally at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire additional counselors to adapt to the increasing mental health needs that students are requiring.

Depending on which plan fits your students the very best, SchoolPulse is a superior tool, that provides multi-faceted data, and real, measurable outcomes.

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Text "happy" to 435-319-8933 to see how School Pulse works!

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