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What is SchoolPulse?

SchoolPulse is a revolutionary mental wellness platform that proactively assesses the wellbeing of every student, Increases insight and awareness to school and students, provides evidence-based nudging, encourages prevention, and intervenes directly and personally to the needs of individual students. How is this done? As simply as possible… Read on!

SchoolPulse assesses the wellbeing of every student on a weekly basis. We do this through direct text to the student. No logins, no passwords, no websites, we simply come to your student via text on a weekly basis, assess their wellbeing, provide expert and evidence based positive nudging, and then intervene directly and immediately with students that are in need. It’s simply brilliant!

SchoolPulse is a universal prevention and intervention platform, with the capacity of connecting directly with students across all levels of intervention. This is the tool we have all been waiting for, as we have sought for ways to assess and assist the young people in our schools.

How do we connect students to this brilliant tool? All students opt-in through text. This is done once a year, and then they immediately begin to receive texts.

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Text "happy" to 435-319-8933 to see how School Pulse works!

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