Small team. Big hearts.

We absolutely love what we do.

Iuri Melo

Iuri Melo (Co-Founder) has been a Licensed Therapist for over 20 years. He's seen thousands of people like you. He's published two books (Mind Over Grey Matter -&- Know Thy Selfie), one of which was a best-seller. He's won awards for his therapeutic work with individuals, and is just a hell of a guy! SchoolPulse is his latest invention (co-founder), and his vision is to inspire youth and young adults everywhere to live deeply and to suck out all of the marrow of life.

Iuri is married to an amazing woman, and has five extraordinary children.

In his own words: "I adore people; I'm hopeful about people. I'm always amazed at people's ability to grow, adapt, and expand into better living & thinking. My goal is to inspire deep positive change, and deep positive change always begins with bettering our own psychology, and that's what SchoolPulse is all about."

Trent Staheli

Trent Staheli (Co-Founder) loves to code and solve problems with software. He can be found coding with his kids at weekend events and 24-hour code competitions. His post-graduate studies consist of e-Commerce, TEL and Entrepreneurship from Universities throughout the UK.

Trent is married to Mary Poppins, and has three practically perfect children.

In his own words: "I love that I can sit down at a computer and build a web app that solves a need. SchoolPulse is one of those apps and I'm so happy I can share Iuri's content with the world through the simple medium of text messaging."

Linda Canales

Linda Canales (Operations) enjoys taking challenges head-on and helping others to create and build great projects and tell their stories.

She has worked in a variety of industries–from radio production to higher education to academic advisor to film production to marketing–always striving to help her teammates thrive and reaching company goals. She enjoys learning and acquiring new skills. She studied Information and Communication Sciences, specializing in organizational communication and video production, and graduating with honors.

In her own words, "I am very happy and excited to be part of this noble project. I believe SchoolPulse tackles the accessibility issue that many communities face when it comes to mental health services. It is my goal to help SchoolPulse be reachable for everyone because it is the best mental health service out there and everyone should be able to access it."

Maddy Madsen

Maddy Madsen (designer) has had a passion for art and design since she was young. She was drawing and doodling from the time she could hold a crayon! Originally, Maddy's career plan was to be a high school art teacher, but as she progressed in her college program it became clear that being an educator wasn't the path she wanted to take.

Before SchoolPulse, Maddy worked as a graphic designer in the real estate industry, working on the marketing team at SunRiver Communities. She is excited to work in the mental health field because it's something she cares a lot about. She has a personal history with mental health, and has found a lot of peace through therapy and counseling. When Maddy isn't creating for SchoolPulse, she is probably at the local rock climbing gym!


Justin Lund (Doer) is an accomplished doer and entrepreneur, having instigated and helmed several successful ventures in business services, finance, marketing, and social impact.

With innate creativity and a battle-tested ability to scrutinize the challenge at hand, Justin is a sought-after strategist and problem-solver – often the moving force behind lightning-strike moments of profound operational shifts.

He has bootstrapped ideas into hundred-person enterprises with acute attention to three details: relationships, reason, and results. Above all, Justin is a devoted husband and father to four energetic teens, with whom he enjoys traveling and discovering the far corners of the globe every chance he can get.

Wil Bangerter

Wil Bangerter (Legal) is a licensed Attorney and is proud to reside in St. George, Utah. He is one of the founding members of SchoolPulse and has a strong passion for entrepreneurship and for solving complex problems. Wil is grateful to have served as a Volunteer Service Missionary in São Paulo, Brazil. Upon returning home from Brazil, he became certified as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher where he worked as an EMD for nearly two years responding to critical emergencies over the phone.

Wil attended Dixie State University where he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and was awarded the IMA Top 5 Accounting Student Scholarship and Award.

He is licensed to practice law in the State of Utah after earning his J.D. from Brigham Young University - J. Reuben Clark Law School. He was recently honored by Dixie State University faculty to appear on the Honor Wall at the Udvar Hazy College of Business. As SchoolPulse has grown, Wil has enjoyed the priceless fulfillment that comes as lives are touched and strengthened by SchoolPulse.