Real conversations with your students.

"“Thats a good idea! Ive never tried that. Usually each day I just get a 1-2 hour nap...Alright i will definitely have to! Thank you so much”"

"I feel constantly disappointed about myself because I know I can do better, but I don't seem to be able to."

"How do I make a paper airplane?"

"Sometimes people don't tell me things because they don't want to hurt my feelings,but the fact they don't tell me hurts my feelings. What should I tell them?"

"“I have tried to talk a little bit to my parents but I didnt like seeing them upset, plus they are already worried about me to much as it is, I dont want to add more weight on them anymore. And I dont trust the counselors anymore”"

"I want girls to like me"

"I get bullied a lot"

"I’m doing better now, thank you!"

"I have been feeling just really down"

"I’m feeling nervous"

"That's a good idea thanks"

"Why are boys so mean 😭😭Are all boys mean 😢"

"I was home from school for two weeks because I was depressed because my parents divorced this summer and I moved and haven't been feeling belonged at school"

"What can I do to improve my mood?"

"How do I deal with friends that keep fighting and get me in the middle of their drama?"

"That’s a great idea thank you, honestly, I really appreciate it.”"

"The end of the quarter is kinda sucky rn"

"i'm failing all my classes"

"Idk, family life has gotten a little better for him, but his sisters make him feel worthless, and when his parents get after him, they yell at him so much, he feels like cutting. I always manage to make his feel better, but, I really just don't like his mom the most. She manipulates him to fo what she wants, and it just breaks him"

"Yes you too!! Thanks for helping me feel better"

"i have another question. how do you feel good about yourself and things you are good at without seeming self centered?"

"How do I feel better"

"Kind of because I don't know where J belong"

"Okay, thank you🤎"

"How do I deal with very opinionated friends?"

"I enjoy all of this information"

"I’ll give that a try, I appreciate the words of advice, they’re quite comforting."

"I have funeral I'm going to, ACT stuff is being shoved in my head, I have 4 college classes to keep up on, skills USA is coming up and I've been nominated to participate, and I have two jobs"

"I'll try to gain the courage to talk to someone irl, if not I'll come back to talk to you- it's easy to release over text honestly 😅"

"Thank you for being here for the students, it's great to have a person to talk to. Here's a little expression of my gratitude in video form (the audio is a little quiet so turn up the volume a little)"