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Address mental wellness today.

We are all aware of the increasing need to address mental health related concerns in our schools. We have the data. Finding effective ways to address suicide, bullying, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns, are at the forefront of legislatures, schools, county administrators, and parents. Research is conclusive, that as a student’s well-being improves, so does his overall performance and engagement in school.

When youth consistently respond with low numbers ‘really sad or kinda sad’, or communicate directly with the SchoolPulse, we are able to intervene immediately and effectively, in an anonymous and confidential way. This not only promotes connection and safety (which are critical for creating trust), but allows for an encouraging and solution-based conversation to occur. We have found that once conversations occur with students, they are willing to connect, and often return and share successes and frustrations. SchoolPulse is simply brilliant!

SchoolPulse is the only tool that is offering a viable source of prevention, education, awareness, and intervention school-wide. Our ability to interact with the maximum amount of students on a weekly basis, anonymously, and confidentially, will provide positive outcomes on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Not only can SchoolPulse identify and reach those who would likely not be reached in other ways, but as a partner in your school, we can potentially ease the burden of duty that is being carried by the school counselors.

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Text "happy" to 435-319-8933 to see how School Pulse works!

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