Have you ever been bullied? Do you know someone who is currently being bullied? Are you a bully yourself? Take our quizzes, then watch, listen, and learn how to handle these situations in your life.

Ways to Stop Bullying

Stop Being Offended By What Others Say or Do

Dealing With Fighting & Conflict

I'm being bullied. What can I do?

What if I'm the bully?

Why Do I Feel Lonely?

Why Do I Feel Angry All The Time?

How to Stop a bully



infograph showing the long term effects of bullying. statistics include: 17% of students report being bullied two times a month. 37% of kids report being bullied at school. 20% of kids are physically bullied. 85% of bullying occurs inside school. female students are more likely to experience social and psychological bullying. male students are more likely to experience physical and verbal bullying. students who are bullied are more likely to: have lower grades in school, have migraine headaches, experience depression and anxiety later in life, abuse durgs in alcohol, consider suicide.
never blow out someone else's candle to try and make your own shine brighter. steven aitchison