Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation is the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to do 3 things: increase awareness, become more deliberate with your actions, and increase your ability to be congruent despite the circumstance (living up to your values).

10-Minute Meditation

Why Mindfulness is a Superpower

Meditation 101: A Beginner's Guide

Clear Your Mind Meditation

Go Easy on Yourself - 15 Minute Meditation

Confidence Meditation

15-Minute guided meditation

Guided Meditation for Positive Energy 🌤


it's all about mindset. from the moment you wake up to the moment you rest your head at night. Everything is up to you. your emotions, your thoughts your perception, your reactions. every moment. michael bliss
Beginners guide to meditation: focusing on your mind for a period of time in silence or with chanting. Find a comfortable spot to sit. your posture should be relaxed but alert. Close your eyes and breathe deep. loosen your body from head to toe. Notice the sensations. be aware of body sensations, but try not to fidget. Pick one sensation. devote your attention to it. Bring your attention back. when your mind wanders, bring your mind back to your breath. Open your eyes. when you're ready, conclude your session.
meditation: go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world cannot blow your candle out.
to a mind that is still, a whole universe surrenders. lao tzu
meditation is the journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness, from a limited identity to unlimited space. sri ravi shankar