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Is there any calling, responsibility, or choice more critical than parenting? We are all in need of some help, support, and resources to help us navigate these joyful and challenging times. Take some time to look through our resources to find out your parenting style, and other sources of goodness. Welcome parents!

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i thought raising teenagers would be like those goofy old brady bunch episodes about curfews, acne, and dating. it's not. it's more like survivor meets dateline- hang in there and dont murder anyone. 4boysmother
being a mom of a teenager means a lot of forgiveness, a lot of grace, a lot of grit and love that is both powerful and unconditional. but what a blessing it is to raise these teenagers and have a front row seat on this wild ride. h. duckworth
raising a teenager is hard. being a teenager is hard, too. raising teens today
the scariest part of raising teenagers is remembering the stupid things you did as a teenager.