What if I'm the bully?

Hey awesome friends! Hanging out with teens and young adults is the best. Thanks for being here today. I know we can be a bit rough sometimes, but I believe the goodness and love within us outweigh any rudeness. Recently, I talked about handling bullying, and some of you asked, "What if I'm the bully?" That's awesome introspection. Let's dive in!

Recognize the four types of bullying: physical, social, verbal, and cyberbullying.

Why do you bully? It could feel powerful or fun, or you might justify it. I've been there too. Here are some common justifications:

  1. It feels good: Power and coolness may come from being unkind. Let's aim for a higher way of building loyalty.
  2. You justify or rationalize: We make excuses like "they started it" or "they deserve it" to continue bullying.
  3. You think you're just having fun: Sometimes, bullies don't realize the harm they cause. Let's be more aware.

Let's make a change! Here are three commitments:

  1. Only Positive Gossip: Speak positively, use kindness, elevate others, and avoid hurtful language.
  2. Be Altruistic: Go beyond not being a bully; actively do good, be generous, and help others. It boosts your mood too!
  3. Be A Hotspot: Your influence matters. Be a hotspot for hope, optimism, and understanding. Be a giver, not a taker.

If you've been a bully, stop. Own your mistakes, move forward, and be great now. Focus on positivity and send it out into the world!