How can I be the right person?

Happy Valentine's Day! Let's talk relationships. I've chatted with many of you across the U.S., and there's a lot of buzz about how to be the right person in a relationship. Instead of focusing on finding the right person, let's discuss three tips on how to be the right person.

Tip #1 - Leave people better than you found them. Choose to uplift others by being kind, respectful, and positive. Your actions shape the world around you.

Tip #2 - Invest in yourself and your life. Prioritize personal growth, education, and well-being. Your internal beauty and goodness last longer than physical attributes.

Tip #3 - Commit to seeking the positive in life. What you focus on, you attract. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Adopt the philosophy of growing through what you go through.

Shift your focus from seeking approval to being valuable. Be the one who uplifts, invests in self-improvement, and seeks the positive. I'm cheering for each of you!